26 August 2013

SKYDRIVE COURSE - 26 August 2013

This afternoon I attended the "Cloud computing using SkyDrive" 2 hour Short Course with three other member students.
Our Trainer was Bing, pictured here showing a student an interesting aspect of SkyDrive.

Bing explained that Cloud Computing is actually "The Internet". Its a network of myriads of computers all over the World, and uses the internet to store data.

By storing data in the Cloud, you can reduce your need for a large hard drive on your own computer.
But, a disadvantage of using the Cloud is that you have to have access to the internet.

So, we signed up for Microsoft's   @outlook.com   account and opened the SkyDrive homepage. SkyDrive provides 7gb of free storage in the Cloud.

I had opened SkyDrive on the club computer and also my Android tablet. I uploaded a photo into SkyDrive on the computer and then opened SkyDrive on the tablet-the photo was there, both were synchronised.

Sharing photographs via SkyDrive is simple. Just upload photos/videos to a folder in SkyDrive and share by email with a link that will take the recipient directly to the folder in SkyDrive, and from there they can view or download any to their own computer. There is no need for the recipient to join SkyDrive.....and with the 7gb available, large photographs and videos can easily be shared.

Bing's SkyDrive Short Course is an excellent way to learn how to synchronise and share photos/videos.........so talk to Trainer Bing at the next members meeting.

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