16 September 2013


Another short course, this time Home Networking with Trainer Bing and five other students.

I've always had my printers hard-wired where they are close to the desktop computer. But now with a laptop I am not confined to the outside room when using it. Also, I have recently purchased a printer with wireless.

Bing's course came at the right time, so I could learn about networking and connect my laptops by wireless to the printers out in the back room....no more carrying the laptop outside to print something.

The first hour was speng discussing the advantages and disadvantages, use of moden/routers and setting up the first computer in the new network. And hearing about WAN, LAN, WLAN and MAN ...wow, no WOMAN among this lot!

Bing told us that Microsoft includes networking in its operating system, called HomeGroup for home networks, and he demonstrated setting it up.

At the end, we all had some basic understanding of networks and how to set up a wireless network to share information between our home computers and printers,etc.

Thats the last of the four short courses I have attended our the past four Mondays - its a good way to improve your computer knowledge about different things, and I am glad I made the effort to sign up and attend......
Bing was the Trainer for three of the courses and his experience and knowledge gained during his working career is outstanding, thanks Bing!

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