20 February 2014


Well over 60 members attended our popular Members' Meeting today, and were treated to a showing of members short films featuring many members of our great Craft Group as well as those two loved sisters Hazel and Beryl, talking about their time at Parramatta Home Science School. The short films were done as part of a grant from Parramatta Leagues Club for film making members to attend workshops at Parramatta's Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE) to learn how to make short film documentaries.

Beryl and Hazel had members entranced with stories of their
time at the school, especially about when Hazel burnt chops and covered it up with lots of gravy before being presented to the school head mistress and eat and mark..

Hazel and Beryl commented on how exciting the filming was, with lots of crew and cameras taking over their lounge room. Beryl even took some pics of the crew, Hazel, Dawn and Deborah setting up.
Beryl related how she had to leave school at 13 to look after her mum and her babies.

Members were pleased to meet up again with Ron Taylor who, because of illness has been unable to attend meetings for some time. Ron was happy meeting up with the friendliness of the many members who welcomed him back to oour friendly club

Beryl and Hazel really welcomed Ron back!

 Michael and me are now able to circulate amongst members, now that John Hain has organised volunteers to book courses and collect monies.
                      Keith South showed and talked about the printing of his new family history book.

Thanks John and all you volunteers, I really enjoyed not being tied to the treasurer's cash tin this meeting, it was good moving around and talking to members, and also being able to take heaps of pics.

Josie and me glide out through Sydney Heads tomorrow evening on the Rhapsody of the Seas for a 12 night cruise to Noumea, Vanuatu, New Caledonia. This cruise resulted through use of the internet by being sent email about travel deals at great rates!

So, no more blogs for a couple of weeks...........................unless I find wi-fi for my tablet, and then I will post an update of our cruise........

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