20 June 2014


Our club president Deborah was very happy at our regular monthly meeting today - and she made our members happy also when she announced a new course - "Keeping your computer happy"

Deborah was again happy when she presented 
 the Mug of the Month to Julie Nixon,
who was an Assistant Trainer and has
recently moved up to Trainer.

Guest Speaker Mark Young from ASCCA  ( Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association ) gave an excellent presentation about Microsoft's free online services, People, Calendar, One Drive, Word, Live Mail and Skype, that are automatically synchronised between your computer, phone and tablet. Deborah happily presented Mark with our club mug.

John Hain had computer problems when presenting
his Video of the Month......

....but he tried and tried to get it working......

....and was eventually succesful in playing his
very funny Video of the Month, and then had his 
audience in stitches!!

Towards the end of the meeting I caught up with members, including Audrey Biddle. We started work together 65 years ago in 1949 at the Department of Road Transport and Tramways, Macquarie Street, Sydney, and in 1960 lost track of each other for about 45 years before meeting up again in the Parramatta area a few years ago. Audrey and her husband Colin were getting into computers at the time, so they joined our club and regularly attend our monthly meetings and various courses.

Trainers and Assistant Trainers met recently to prepare Term 3 Courses that commence on 14th July. A copy of the course listings and dates was included in the June Newsletter and is also available at the Office. However, bookings will not be taken until after June 25th, to give Trainers time to contact all those on the Waiting Lists.

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