24 April 2013

Stocktake of Club Assets - Wednesday 24 April 2013

 Went to ComputerPals today, and on arrival found the place full, Deborah in the main office with a student doing One on One Windows 8, and trainer Bing Kinsey with three Johns - John Moxon, John Hain and Jon Bayley - updating our computers before the start of the next training term. When I arrived Bing was completely out-numbered by four Johns! Went to take a pic of these four volunteers happily working on computers, and then realised my camera was at home.....so no pic in this post!

Spent an hour in the office area taking down details of our computers, printers, scanners, laminator, paper drill, etc. Now I just have to put all my notes together to complete a detailed Asset Register.

Cleared and balanced the receipt book and cash tin contents, wrote a couple of cheques and then left to pick up my car before the 3-hour limit expired, and bank the deposit at Wentworthville.

No pic, but here is our great looking logo -

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