25 July 2013


I had to go to the Office today to collect membership and course monies, there were so many receipts issued over the past week I needed help.....and it was forthcoming from our regular Wednesday office volunteer Aileen!

"I'll help you John", said Aileen. So she did...here is Aileen transcribing heaps of receipts onto a recording form (designed for me by another volunteer, Dawne!)....then Aileen donned her warm clothes and walked down Church Street to the Bank for me. Saved me lots of time...thanks again Aileen.

And...seeing now that I now had more time, I looked into our Training Room and found it was full of six students and trainers Deborah and Margaret..their first day of a two day course on Facebook.

 There were "old hands" Noelene, Anne and Laura, as well as new members Connie, Maureen, James and Kathryn doing their first course at our Club......they have a couple of beaut trainers, so they will soon be regular Facebookers!

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