17 July 2013

JON BAYLEY'S Course - Managing Your Digital Photos - July 2013

It's the first day for these students doing Jon's popular course on managing digital photos and they are learning the finer points of their digital cameras...like setting the correct time and date, how to set up the various types of flash - auto, always on, always off, etc and how to set the number of pixels, picture quality and aspect.

Jon and me, his Assistant Trainer, have been conducting this popular course for nearly six years and, with up to 6 students each time,  a lot of students have passed through the course.

This is just the first day, and it is obvious from the above photo that the students are keen, and are involved in setting their digital cameras correctly.

The students were then given an introduction to Picasa3, a  photo management application from Google.com thats free to download and use.

Next week they will be shown how to download their photos from their camera to a computer-after that they will try out Picasa3 and its photo editing processes. This is when the course gets really interesting!

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