02 August 2014


President and Trainer Deborah's regular Special Interest Group for members with Android smart phones and tablets was held on Friday in our club's Training Room,  
with seven members attending with their android phone and/or tablet

Blanche had a problem with her Samsung tablet, she could navigate to the club website   http://parramattacps.org.au/  easily, but could not view the club newsletter. As I was assisting Deborah I helped Blanche, and soon found that when I clicked on the newsletter link it did not work. I checked her tablets apps and found that Adobe Reader had not been installed. We then went to Play Store Apps and downloaded the free Adobe Reader app, and installed it.

Blanche then navigated back to our website, clicked on the current club Newsletter.....and
was pleasantly happy to be able to read the Newsletter.

We were not so lucky in solving another problem for her, she wanted to set tabs for a couple of websites that she regularly visited, but after numerous tries we gave up. Deborah and I will try to resolve Blanche's tab problem by the next SIG.

Alan, Patricia, Yvette, Barbara, Helen,  and Margaret and Michael brought up various problems with their tablets, and most were solved by Deborah using Google.

                 Afternoon tea was a welcome break and a chance for members to chat.

Deborah and I will check out how to set up tabs on android tablets by the next SIG meeting on Friday 5th September 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

 SIG's are FREE to financial members so come along and learn how to use tabs to easily view your favourite websites whenever you open your web browser on your tablet.

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  1. John - the advanced course for Android Tablets will be covering that tablet - perhaps you should encourage the members to enroll in the course.